Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post - Rivers Street
Fort Belvoir
rivers street
Green Room Fort Myer
Upper Left: This view looking down Rivers Street was taken from the parking area by the side of the Green Room. The view looks south with Barracks 518 on the left (and 516 next to it) and 519 on the right. The rear of the Headquarters Company Orderly Room can be seen at the end of the street, and The Pentagon is out of site, blocked by 516-518. This photo, courtesy Kim Holien, appears to be taken in the late 40's.

Upper Right: The same view taken in 1968. These wood barracks were built in the early 40's to house the Women's Army Corps (WACs) personnel who had duty in The Pentagon. After newer brick barracks were built for them, the wood barracks were used by men in Headquarters Company, also with duty in The Pentagon. Though only about 25 years old, the structures were condemned in 1966, then knocked down in 1970-1971. I was in the last Headquarters Company to live here (517), before moving to the the then-new brick barracks on North Post in April 1969. Today, this is known as Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery and is used to bury those lost to us in Afghanistan and Iraq, so if you see burials at Arlington now, this is the exact spot. Photo by Bill Jentz.
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