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Thank you for entering our Fort Myer Virgina Memories site, featuring the old South Post Fort Myer. Although North Post has existed in some form, with different names, since about 1860, South Post enjoyed only a brief 30 year existance, from about 1940 to about 1970. In addition, there is very little information on South Post either in printed form or online,and our goal is to gather as many photos and as much information on the post as possible. Though we intend to emphasize South Post, we will also post information and photos for North Post, Arlington Cemetery (of which, after much grading, now contains all of South Post) and The Pentagon.
     We have some of our own personal photos to post, and some courtesty of the Fort Myer Post Historian, Kim Holien, but we hope to be contacted by others who were either stationed at South Post at any time, or know someone who was, in order to post more original photos as well. If you do have any photos or information, please e mail us at:

PLEASE NOTE: This site went live January 2007, but is still UNDER CONTRUCTION- as we will begin to post photos over the next few months. Also, this site is not affiliated with the US Army.

Thank you: Bill Jentz - Fort Myer 1967-1969

Major Bobby G. Davis promotes " First Shirt" Scott from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class in the South Post Orderly Room, February 1, 1967. Major Davis was the South Post Commanding Officer from at least 1966-1968 and Sgt. Scott was the head NCO.

A street scene at South Post, taken from the "Green Room" on Higgins Circle looking south towards The Pentagon (barely visible behind the trees above Barracks 520 on the left). Barracks 519 is to the right. Photo taken in 1968 by Bill Jentz.

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