Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer North Post - Views of North Post
Fort Belvoir
Barry Holmes, who was stationed at Ft. Myer North Post in the late 60's, submitted the four 'before' photos here, all taken April 1968. Barry was assigned to Company C of the 3rd Infantry- the "Old Guard". Bill Jentz took the 'after' photos during November 2008.
Before: After Martin Luther King was assasinated in early April 1968, there was extensive rioting in Washington, DC, and the 3rd Infantry was called on to assist. Some troops are gathered here behind the Company C barracks. Route 50 is just out of site to the left.

After: The cement above the No Parking sign has been repaired, and part of the driveway is now grassy, but otherwise, not much has changed here in 40 years.


Before: This is a view of the North Post main parking lot- the Post Chapel is a couple hundred feet behind the photographer. The large brick structure in the middle of the photo is Tencza Terrace, which was enlisted housing until it was demolished in 2006. There are at least 3 clips on Youtube showing the implosion. Halfway between where the photographer is standing and Tencza is where Orville Wright crashed his plane 100 years ago, in September 1908. After: Aside from the missing Tencza structure, which would have been hard to see in this photo anyway, very little has changed here. However, Arlington Cemetery (just out of site to the left) wants to use this lot to extend the cemetery, and that might occur within a few years.
Before and After: two views of Company C barracks. It is impossible to match up the same view exactly now due to a new building across the street.  Route 50 eastbound runs right behind the barracks.
Before: This view was taken from the side of the Company C barracks, looking south. The then-new (1969)Headquarters Company brick barracks are seen on the left and I believe the old white structure on the right was the Credit Union. After: The Credit Union is gone, replaced by a temporary building, but the empty lot looks remarkably the same after 40 years.
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