Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer North Post
Fort Belvoir

Above Left: From left to right, SP5s Jerry Frick, Bill Jentz, Dave Hansen and Dave Truax showing how many days they have left in the Army, dating this photo as September 4, 1969. These four met at the Fort Belvoir Defense Mapping Agency in 1966, then had a full tour of duty updating briefing maps for General Westmoreland  in the Chief of Staff's Office, sometimes called 'The War Room'. Out of site to the left were the 'new' Headquarter's Company barracks, and to the right is the stone wall separating North Post from Arlington Cemetery. Georgetown would be straight ahead about 2 miles. The spot where this photo is taken is a few hundred feet west of Selfridge Gate (gate to the cemetery), and according to info posted on the web, this would be the exact spot where Orville Wright's plane crashed on September 17, 1908 resulting in injuries to Orville, but death to Lieutenant Selfridge, making him the first air casualty in history.

Above Right: Bill Jentz' 63 Ford Galaxy is long gone, but this view taken in 2001 shows that not much else has changed here. This might not be the case for long, as Arlington Cemetery is trying to secure this land for even more expansion, and there is also some chatter about a Fort Myer Museum as well.

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