Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post - Lon Skaarvold
Fort Belvoir
Lon was stationed at Fort Myer South Post from April 1965 through November 1966, and actually remembers Sgt. Montgomery as our barracks sergeant for Barrack 517- Montgomery was replaced a bit later by SP6 Bamba. As for nearly all residing in the old Headquarters Company wood barracks, Lon had his duty in The Pentagon- He was assigned to USASSD-ACSI: United States Army Special Security Detachment- Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, in room 2A514. Lon currently lives in Spokane, Washington, and submitted the following 11 photos.
ABOVE LEFT: Lon stands at the south door to Barracks 517; ABOVE CENTER: Hard to pinpoint this shot, but it looks like Lon was standing on Higgins Street outside Barrack 517, looking south toward the Headquarters Company Orderly Room, as you can see one of the newer cinder block WAC barracks to the left, and the sloping up to the cemetery on the right; ABOVE RIGHT: the photographer is standing in between barracks 517 and 516, looking north towards the Green Room (by Lon's head) and the Rec Center. Barracks 519 is shown on the left, and 518 across the street.
ABOVE LEFT: Lon's dreary room inside 517, but this view looks pretty good compared to the black and white shot on the RIGHT, where Lon takes care of important top secret business, admiring the latest Beatles' album.
TWO PHOTOS ON LEFT: The photographer stands outside Barracks 517, and Lon and his friend stand in front of 514. TWO PHOTOS ON RIGHT: If that is the same round bush, these appear to be views of Barracks 515.
ABOVE LEFT: Lon having a G.I. Party for his classic sports car on Arlington Ridge Road, which separated South Post (seen across the street, in this view looking northeast) from the original Arlington Cemetery. This is now known as Eisenhower Avenue in the new section of the cemetery. ABOVE RIGHT: A more recent view of Lon, this time with a much updated set of wheels!
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