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Fort Myer South Post - Doug Pierce
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Doug was stationed at Fort Myer from late 1969 to 1971 and he submitted all of the below photos taken during that time. Most who were in Headquarters Company on South Post in the late 60s lived there until April 1969, then moved to the 'new' barracks on North Post. Doug is one of the few who spent his first months on North Post, then moved to one of the still-remaining cinder block former WAC barracks on South Post. His duty was in the Army Finance Data Center in the Forrestall Building in Washington, DC, though he worked in the Eads St, Arlington, office first, before moving to DC. During his time on South Post in 1970 and 1971, most of the post had been dismantled, as can be seen in the photos. Doug mentioned that the NCO Club, the commissary and only a few other buildings had yet to meet the wrecking ball. Also, Doug mentioned that he may have reversed some of the photos when he scanned them, making a couple of the views harder to describe.
     Doug has another connection to Myer- his brother-in-law enlisted in the Army in 1972 for the sole purpose of a career in the Old Guard's Fife and Drum Corps, and that dream for sure came true- he had a 30+ year full tour of duty on North Post Myer, and during that time Doug's niece was married in the historic Fort Myer Chapel. Doug currently lives in Connecticut. This site has received e-mails from others who had duty in the Finance Agency, both in DC and on Eads St, the same time Doug was there, so anyone who may have known him can contact him at the following e-mail address:

ABOVE LEFT: This view was taken from the original section of Arlington Cemetery, looking north towards the Pentagon. Arlington Ridge road can be seen behind the graves, and Columbia Pike can be seen at the middle left. South Post is out of sight, to the left of that.
ABOVE RIGHT: There were four cinder block WAC barracks in a row, on the south part of post by the mess hall, numbered Barracks 502-507. This was Doug's barrack, and we are not totally sure if the photo got reversed when scanned, but former South Post WACs who lived on South Post will love this shot!
ABOVE LEFT: Doug Pierce (in green shirt) and his friend Wade Kirdahy in their barrack room.
ABOVE RIGHT: Up on North Post, a unit of the Old Guard can be seen practicing, and that is Tenza Terrace in the background, which was NCO housing. The structure was imploded around 2005 and there are clips showing this on YouTube.
ABOVE LEFT: On South Post, most of the older wood structures had been razed by 1970-1971, leaving only sand behind. This view is looking southeast from the WAC barracks toward The Pentagon- the post pool and tunnel to the Pentagon is about halfway between where Doug is standing and The Pentagon.
ABOVE RIGHT: This view is a bit hard to identify, but it looks like Doug was standing near his barrack, looking north. What seems to look like the Headquarters Company Orderly Room can be seen in the distance and the white building over to the right looks like the Service Club. This is all graves now, and the Columbarium would be in this view today.
ABOVE LEFT: This is an easier photo to ID- a fabulous rare shot of the 'Service Club' (NCO Club), known also as Building 402 and Herron Hall. It was near the WAC barracks and mess hall. Full meals were served here and there was entertainment every night. We actually have a menu from Herron Hall to scan as well as a copy of the Fort Myer Post, which has the monthly entertainment listed. Will post that soon.
ABOVE RIGHT: The South Post gym was apparently spared the wrecking ball as late as 1971, as it can still be seen in this view looking north, with the ever-present Washington Monument in the background. Today, this is all graves, and this view includes Section 60 of the new part of Arlington Cemetery.
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