Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Belvoir

Thanks to Larry Moore for these photos of Nebraska Hall taken in 1967 and 1968. Larry and 6 others from northeastern Arkansas arrived at South Post Myer in September 1967, after basic training at Ft. Bragg. They were attached to the 318th Military Intelligence Detachment (SEP BDE) USAR, taking courses at the language school. They were trained to interrogate  POW's, but none went overseas. Instead, they remained stateside, training various infantry units on how to evade POW interrogations. Larry reached E-6 and was later appointed to Warrant Officer. He went into retirement in 1990 as a CW3, and has been living the civilian life in the Ozarks ever since.

Nebraska Hall as it looked in Sept 1967, when I arrived to attend a 32 week German Language Class
Parking lot in front of Nebraska Hall. PX and Green Room can be seen in background.
Parking lot in front of Nebraska Hall. Arlington Cemetery in snowy back ground.
Larry W. Moore sporting new issued winter coat. Parking lot of Nebraska Hall. Larry (left) and a friend in the Nebraska Hall parking lot, looking west towards Arlington Cemetery, with North Post Myer out of view just behind the cemetery. Typical cubical each Language Student had while at Nebraska Hall. Student unidentified.
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