Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post - Elna Grahn
Fort Belvoir
South Post
WAC South Post VA
Photo left: This view, looking north, was taken from the top of the steep steps where you then continued on Seven Pines St. to the South Post Pool then to the tunnel to the Pentagon. Building 501 was to the left of where the photographer was standing. The one story structure behind the telephone poll was the original WAC mess hall (the wood WAC barracks are to the left and right of the mess hall), but once the new brick WAC barracks were built across from Building 501, the barracks were used by enlisted men in Headquarters Company and the mess hall was used as a training room. The Recreation Center can be seen peeking slightly above the building.

Photo right: This cartoon depicts the same area: the WAC on the right is on the path that led to the steep stairway to her right, and you can see the Washington Monument above her head.
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