Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post - Elna Grahn
Fort Belvoir
WAC Barracks
WAC Barracks

The 'new' (photo left)...and the 'condemned' (photo right)...after about 20 years. The shot on the left shows the 'new' WAC barracks built in the mid- 40's at the intersection of Higgins Street (foreground) and Lewis Street. This view is looking southeast, and The Pentagon is hidden behind the new cinder block structures.
The photo on the right was taken by Bill Jentz in June 1972, and two of the four barracks have already been razed. Along with the rest of the older structures on South Post, these newer barracks were condemned by the County of Arlington in 1966 so that Arlington Cemetery could be expanded. The Arlington Cemetery Columbarium is located at the exact spot of these barracks and the Headquarters Building 501, which was located where you can see a few cars parked on the slope. In an incredible coincidence, Elna Grahn's office was in Building 501, and after her death in the fall of 2006, was buried in the same spot where she worked !!
The blue Toyota is on Higgins Street (now known as Marshall Drive) facing south, and Lewis Street has been renamed Bradley Drive. The original wood WAC barracks were to the left of the car and were demolished in 1970-1971.

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