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Fort Myer South Post - Elna Grahn
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In the Company of WACS - Elna Hilliard Grahn
In the Company of WACS - Elna Hilliard Grahn
After a considerable amount of time searching for information about South Post Fort Myer- either online or in books, we determined that there is very little out there, so imagine our surprise when we discovered a 200 page book on the Women's Army Corp (WAC) featuring 100 pages on South Post. Because North Post is the home of 'The Old Guard' and is also noted for the Orville Wright flights (and crash) in 1908, among other things, there is alot of material online and in printed form for North Post, but as far as we know, Elna Hilliard Grahn's book, "In the Company of WACS" is the only book featuring South Post. The book was published in 1993 by 'Sunflower University Press', which we believe is now out of business.
    South Post (alternately known as Arlington Farms and/or Arlington Cantonment until about 1950, when the area was officially dubbed 'South Post Myer') was built along with The Pentagon in the very early 40's, and the newly built barracks were used to house enlisted women who had duty in the War Department of The Pentagon. Though Elna was not the Commanding Office of the entire post, she did command the 2525th WAC Service Unit from 1944-1945, and her chapters on South Post describes her experiences there, along with some great rare photos. Since Sunflower is out of business, and Elna died in the fall of 2006 (she was 93-94 years of age), we are taking the liberty to reproduce some of the street scene photos from the book on this website, and we added extra captioning information. We have never seen the book for sale on eBay but we think it is available on, so if you are interested in a good read about the post, try to order one online!
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