Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post / Pentagon Tunnel - NOW AND "THEN"
Fort Belvoir


Above 4 photos: Fay Leet submitted photos to us which we posted on January 3, 2011, those were taken in the early 60's when Fay was stationed at Myer. She made a trip back to the former South Post area in March 2012 and was actually able to locate the entrance to the Myer/Pentagon tunnel, despite being very overgrown even before the spring. The views are facing east- years ago the west face of the Pentagon could be seen in these scenes. The photographer is standing near where the South Post pool was, though now it is a graveyard as it is part of Arlington National Cemetery. Fay is on Facebook and actually uses one of these photos as her lead photo ! She would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at the post at any time, but particularly during the early 60's.
Photos above: These photos were part of our 3/28/08 posting, but wanted to show again to compare how much more grown over Fay's 2012 photos are compared to these, taken in 2000. The tunnel entrance is all that remains of South Post.
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