Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post
Fort Belvoir
south post
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Photo courtesy of Kim Holien- Fort Myer Historian
This aerial view is similar to the one on our home page, but at a slightly different angle. The helicoptor photographer is right over Arlington Ridge Road looking east. The road that goes from the lower left of photo to Higgins Circle is "Avenue of the Trees', renamed McClellan Drive a few years ago by Arlington Cemetery. The post PX is show at the center-left and the Recreation Center is to the right of the PX. Louisiana Hall is in the center right of the photo, and two of the original wood WAC barracks are shown in the upper right. The Pentagon's North Parking area is in the upper right. The entire area shown here was the last portion of old South Post to be graded for the cemetery, and we have photos of that work being done during 2005-2006, to be posted soon. This portion of South Post is now known as Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery, and the area which had housed so many military men and women with duty in The Pentagon has now turned into a burial ground for those who have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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