Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post
Fort Belvoir

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A full size photo of this aerial view, showing all of South Post Fort Myer, hangs on the 2nd Floor of the Headquarters Building on North Post, right about Post Historian Kim Holien's office. Kim submitted a disc of the photo for our use, and this 60's view shows the entire South Post, including half of The Pentagon in the upper right. Just below The Pentagon is the Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd. cloverleaf. South Post is to the left of the cloverleaf and extends to the roadway which leads to Memorial Bridge. The former Arlington Ridge Road runs across the middle of the photo, and virtually the entire Arlington Cemetery is shown below that. A view of this today would show the extension of Arlington Cemetery, with the Columbarium being located where the Headquarters Orderly room building was (dark rectangle building just below the small traffic circle at top of photo.

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