Fort Myer, VA Memories
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Fort Myer South Post - South Post/Pentagon Aerial Views- 1962
Fort Belvoir

If asked, most would describe the above two photos as 'pictures of The Pentagon'...this site describes them as aerial views of "South Post Fort Myer, and, oh yes, The Pentagon can also be seen"! Both photos were taken by a news agency in mid-May 1962.

ABOVE LEFT: The 'copter is flying very low, near the South Post gate to Columbia Pike, looking east. The west face of the Pentagon, the side which was hit on 9/11/01, is clearly seen along with the 'copter landing pad. To the left are entrance/exit ramps to the Mall Entrance and the Mall Entrance parking lot. The Pentagon lagoon is above the parking lot and the Potomac River is in the background. More 'importantly', the southeastern-most section of South Post can be seen across Washington Boulevard from The Pentagon, including a rare closeup view of the South Post pool in the lower left. The pool is empty, but will be filled by Memorial Day. To the right of the pool is a cluster of tree tops, which unfortunately blocks the view of the tunnel entrance to The Pentagon. To the right of that, Arlington Drive circles around a few barracks, admin buildings and basketball courts. Today, the bottom half of the photo is totally unrecognizable- the entire grassy area by the landing pad is now a huge tribute area to 9/11, and the South Post area is all graves, part of Arlington Cemetery.

ABOVE RIGHT: The southwest (to the left) and southeast faces of The Pentagon are shown and North Parking is above the Pentagon. Above that, the Memorial Bridge can be seen spanning the Potomac River, leading to the Lincoln Memorial (shown) and Washington Monument (just off the photo in the upper right). Nearly all of Fort Myer South Post can be seen in the mid-upper left and Rosslyn, Virginia, rises above Myer in the uppermost left. A large percentage of the barracks on South Post were made of wood, so we often allude to the 'four cinder block WAC barracks'- those long structures can be seen in proud formation in the middle-right part of the post. The 'copter is flying over the current-day 'Pentagon City' shopping center(which was mostly empty lots in the early 60's), looking north.


     In a very unusual coincidence, not two hours after composing the above text, including how the area by the west face of The Pentagon has changed since 9/11, we read a small article in the March 25 USA Today regarding interesting places to visit while in the DC area. And, wouldn't you know it, one is the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial showing the same area in the below photo that is in the above shot ! The one below is looking north in order to show the entire west face, and old South Post Myer would have been just off the photo in the upper left. The photo and short caption is on page 13D of the 3/25/11 issue of USA Today

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