Fort Myer, VA Memories
Featuring South Post c1940-1970
Fort Myer South Post - Barracks 517 Views
Fort Belvoir
Bill Chambers, Tim Dawson, Bill Jentz
Tom, Bill Jentz
Bill Chambers (left) and Tim Dawson were Bill Jentz' roommates in Barracks 517 in this March 1969 photograph. A month later, Headquarters Company moved to the then-new brick barracks on North Post Fort Myer. As already mentioned, all but one of those 5 'new' barracks' have already been demolished for new structures. Headquarters Company is now known as Headquarters Command.

Tom _______ (left) and Bill Jentz pose outside Barracks 517 in this October 1967 shot. Higgins Street and the South Post gas station are in the background. Higgins Circle, the PX and the Green Room were a block to the right.

Bill Jentz, Bill Chambers
George Turner, Larry Looker, Ed Veazey
Bill Jentz (left) and Bill Chambers pose inside their room in Barracks 517 in March 1969.
From left to right: George Turner, Larry Looker and Ed Veazey, all of whom called Fort Myer South Post their home in the late 1960's. This shot was taken outside Barracks 517 and you can see Bill Jentz' 1963 Ford Galaxy Convertible parked illegally on Higgins Street, and Building 604 is behind the car.
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